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We won't be meeting again on the slow train

This is the very last entry on this site from me. From now on I will post only here. I have resisted all the messing about Livejournal has endured at the hands of its various owners, but, as I warned a while back, it is the childish immaturity of some of my fellow users that finally drives me to quit it.
The majority of people who read this blog leave no trace of their interest. They are all mature, adult people. In the extravagantly unlikely case that they should ever be offended by me, they would take it up with me face to face. That will not happen, however, because they are people with free minds.
The others are on my ‘friends list’and most of these I’ve known a long time, although, of course, there are some I have never met, and have come to know only through this site. I am very grateful for that in many cases. oycaramba, for one, is a scholar and a gentleman, and someone I am proud to have come to know.
They are not the ones who’ve pushed me off Livejournal. I am fed up with pandering to those who make out they’re as hard to break as rough-tough toys for rough-tough boys, but turn out eggshell-skinned china dolls when they get chucked out of the pram.
I write this blog to let off steam and to engage in debate with adults. If you get upset, start blubbing, cry, run off to nanny and cling to her pinny all because I’ve said a ‘bad word’, well, there are places you can go to really get that sort of thing out of your system, you adult baby, you. And, if that is your kink, I’m the go-to man to hook you up with the right playmates - I know the strict nurses you need. But they charge. And if you want me to spoon-feed you, wipe your bottom and tuck you in at night, then give me something back. Otherwise, hit the road. To coin a phrase, there are two ‘L’s in ‘dollar’ and two ‘G’s in ‘bugger off.’
If you have a free mind and an open heart, then you can find me on blogspot, which is a place for grown-ups.
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