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Miriam Rose gefst aldrei upp

A curious item of Icelandic news that involves mostly British people.
Miriam Rose is, it seems, the Swampy of Iceland, although her protest is being studiously ignored over here. Hun segist aldrei gefst upp. I could understand that bit at least. It means "she says she will never give up." Except for the bits when she's talking, the rest is tricky for me. I'm now reasonably able to read Icelandic, but understanding it spoken is the new challenge. Hence my interest in the growing phenomenon of Icelandic Vodcasting. Anyway, quite what it is that Miriam Rose and her friends are protesting about is not made clear - the story is about her battles with the immigration department - but I've a sense there's a threat to the Icelandic wilderness from an industrial plant. Persevere with the Icelandic bit because the interviews switch to English quite early on.
Why have we heard nothing? Conspirati will doubtless say the mainstream press are deliberately 'censoring' it, but then again they might not be. One should never forget the very, very parochial nature of Icelandic news reporting, where an incident as vanishingly insignificant as this one can become their No. 1 most-played vodcast item:

'Dangerous approach' I think it says, and as far as I can gather the horror of it is that a car could have bumped into another one... It didn't - but it could have done!! It nearly happened!
Careful now! Down with this sort of thing!
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