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They're here!

A strange story on World Service tonight directed me to YouTube, and indeed the test is on show there. The first thought-control computer game, so it is claimed... although I agree with the scientist they interviewed on News Hour and think a little scepticism is still called for. And, er, Stonehenge? Where the banshees live (and they do live well)? What's that all about then? Anyway, click this link here and judge for yourselves:

I find it a bit curious that the action on the screen carries on even after the tester has quite clearly stopped thinking about it. It is nonetheless impressive, if it does indeed show anything near what it would have us believe. The headset even looks very like it did in the Trumbull film. That they are planning to market this soon is interesting, though it does look very beta to me so far.
All the same, be ready for the Brainstorm. It's coming!
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